Ankr unveils Neura blockchain with an aim to revolutionize AI, Cloud Computing, and Web3

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  • Ankr, operational since 2017, has announced the upcoming launch of the Neura blockchain set to offer foundational infrastructure for AI startups.
  • Neura integrates cloud computing, AI, and Web3 technologies to redefine how AI organizations deploy, train, and operate on the blockchain.
  • Chandler Song, Ankr’s Co-Founder, and CEO, puts it this way: “The convergence of Web3 and AI will be one of the most important events for both industries, and we are very excited to be leading the way.”

Have you ever wondered what a marriage between AI, Web3, and Cloud computing would look like? Well, wonder no more. Ankr is set to show the crypto community what this experience would look like with their Neura blockchain launch. In a press release shared with Cryptopolitan, it’s clear that the new tool available to the crypto community will revolutionize modern technology as we know it.

Ankr’s Neura blockchain – all you need to know

Ankr, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, is set to launch Neura, a groundbreaking blockchain platform designed to transform several sectors, including AI, Cloud Computing, and Web3. 

Meet AnkrAnkr offers a comprehensive Web3 development hub that equips developers with a wide range of tools to build Web3 applications and enhance their functionality through fast and reliable connections to over 46 blockchains. 

Ankr offers a range of services and tools that enable multi-chain dApp development, blockchain engineering, crypto staking, and a distributed node infrastructure on a global scale. 

Ankr’s products enable individuals to effortlessly build and generate income on Web3 while also engaging in the crypto economy for a more decentralized, democratic, and user-owned web encounter. 

Neura aims to revolutionize these industries by leveraging blockchain technology to enhance efficiency, security, and accessibility. Here’s how Neura plans to achieve its ambitious goals:

Neura provides a solid infrastructure for AI startups, granting them access to decentralized GPU resources, crypto-based crowdfunding, and on-chain AI operations. Neura revolutionizes the AI industry by combining cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and Web3 technologies. 

This groundbreaking fusion allows AI companies to completely transform their deployment, model training, and operations, all on the blockchain.

So, what does the blockchain offer? Neura is set to offer its services through these three provisions. With the world quickly adopting to AI, often blindly,  Neura will address some of the most significant challenges that AI startups face.

This will be done through satisfying GPU demands, handling data, and obtaining funding. 

Neura’s blockchain brings a new twist to the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.  The protocol coordinates its core features of a decentralized GPU marketplace. 

The chain makes it possible for AI models to access computing power whenever needed easily. It tops that with a decentralized storage system for AI data and smart contracts that govern AI access, assets, and actions. Chandler Song, Ankr’s Co-Founder, and CEO, has this to say about the launch:

Neura offers a superior operating system for the neural networks of AI models, supercharging them with trusted data, scalable access to GPU resources, smart contract automation, and new economic models more capable of handling by-the-second demands of future AI apps and payments. The convergence of Web3 and AI will be one of the most important events for both industries, and we are very excited to be leading the way.

Chandler Song

How, where, and why was Neura built? Here are the tokenomics

Neura is built on the powerful Cosmos SDK and optimized for compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It aims to tackle the crucial issues of scalability and interoperability, establishing a new benchmark for technological convergence. Moreover, Neura’s seamless integration with off-chain storage solutions such as Celestia, EigenLayer, IPFS, and Arweave guarantees the utmost security and integrity of data, all while preventing the blockchain from being overwhelmed by AI model data.

What’s more? Neura ensures the security of its network by incorporating the Babylon BTC staking protocol, which uses Bitcoin’s well-established security mechanisms. This integration provides exceptional safeguarding for transactions and data. 

Note that the ANKR token serves as the primary utility token within the ecosystem, facilitating payments for AI usage, acquiring AI tokens, incentivizing GPU providers, rewarding AI developers, staking, and various other purposes.

In addition, Neura’s integration of token standards like ERC-404 and ERC-7641 allows for fractional ownership and transparent revenue sharing. This facilitates the launch of Initial Model Offerings (IMOs), which offer crowdsourced capital-raising strategies by selling tokens that represent shared ownership in projects.

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