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American retailer Newegg enables Dogecoin payment

TL;DR Breakdown;

  • Newegg begins accepting Doge payment
  • Why Newegg started accepting Doge payment

Popular American retailer Newegg has enabled dogecoin payment for its users as the meme coin continues to surge to unpredicted high prices. The American retailer announced this on Tuesday, noting that it allowed doge payment through BitPay.

Newegg also announced that enabling Doge payment for the firm was in conjunction with Doge Day, a crypto community of Doge proponent celebrated annually on April 20. Brewing report has it that Doge users are eager to see their coin hit $1 today, Tuesday.

Why American retailer chose Doge crypto

Although Dogecoin would not be the first coin the retailer accepts, it has enabled Bitcoin payment since 2014. The firm’s senior brand manager, Andrew Choi, noted that Doge’s recent surge could not be ignored. Choi said its price surge was a factor necessary for customers to make customers purchase with it.

The brand manager also said that they are committed to making it easy for customers to shop the best way they choose, including choosing how they prefer to pay. He said on that note; they are happy to make doge proponent an easy way to shop online.

Dogecoin recent price surge

The American retailers announced they enabled doge payment after the coin’s recent price surge. It has surged by about 500 percent in the last seven days. Cryptopoliitan reported on Monday how the market cap of the meme coin hit $50 billion, which makes it value higher than Barclays bank and a host of other popular organizations.

The coin has enjoyed massive support from billionaire Elon Musk and American investor, Mark Cuban who also own a professional basketball club. He also enabled Doge payment for tickets in his basketball club and for payments of merchandise. Several other celebrities have promoted the meme coin before getting to this stage.

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