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Asset Management Digital Group or AMDG proudly announced that they will be officially Listed on Top Tier Centralised Crypto Exchanges CoinsBit and AzBit.

AMDG. All in One Solution – Simplify the way you Buy, Sell, Trade, Send, Cash Out, Spend and most importantly Grow your Digital Assets. The uniqueness of the AMDG Project is that this project is self-funded together with a group of private investors and for a limited time period only, AMDG is opening up to a small group of first movers. Hence, uniquely for AMDG token holders, they would not have to be worried about early entry risk or project failure to launch as our Ecosystem is ready and will coincide with the listings of our AMDG Token on top tier centralized crypto exchanges.  

With AMDG TOKEN, you can experience a global cross-border payment solution as well as a cryptocurrency banking-like solution. AMDG TOKEN is integrated with built-in smart contract functionality that makes it possible to serve as a global cross-border payment solution. Later, AMDG Token will be integral in supporting our Ecosystem which centers around our AM-Wallet & AM Virtual / Debit Card program. 

Here are the other reasons why AMDG Token can be a good addition to your digital asset portfolio. Firstly, AMDG will reward users with higher yields for staking their AMDG Token in our AM-WALLET. Secondly,  AMDG’s fixed Burning Mechanism strategy upon listing on the exchanges ensures stability and increases the value of AMDG Token. 

AMDG TOKEN circulating supply will be burnt at a constant rate, while the locked supply will be used to reward token holders who lock their AMDG token via staking in our AM-Wallet for a period of 3 or 6 months. The economics behind this from a long-term perspective is simply to bring about a positive price effect for our token on the basis of demand and supply, while at the same time giving our token time to gain traction and volume from the market.

There are 2 options which you may take to acquire AMDG token:

Option 1) Direct to your Metamask wallet. Please fill-up and complete the link given; https://forms.gle/4GEE7SjMybukCTLB6

Option 2) Account in AMDG website. Please fill up and complete the link given. https://forms.gle/835Msh6tRwhSbsM29

Details of Locked AMDG can be found in this link: https://bit.ly/3LIaYGo

Helmed by a team of financial professionals with extensive experience in relation to financial products and services, along with financial technical expertise, AMDG has all the necessary traits to be an exceptional success. As reiterated by their CEO and Founder Mr. Abdul Mutalib Ithnin, “This is Just the Beginning!” Here is a noteworthy project that everyone should take into consideration in adding to their digital assets portfolio for long-term growth opportunities.   

About CoinsBit: CoinsBit is a legit, secure, and reliable cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia. It was named the best 2018 crypto exchange at Asian Blockchain Life 2019.

About AzBit : Launched on 28 Dec 2019, Azbit is a centralized exchange registered in Seychelles. AzBit core services are spot trading, staking, initial exchange offerings, OTC, and listing services for a wide range of promising cryptocurrency projects like AMDG. 

Join us in our Journey as

This Is Just The Beginning!


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