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Altura announces new smart NFT platform

TL;DR Breakdown

• The Altura platform promises new features among NFT games.
• The gaming platform will be linked to the Binance network.

NFTs have been accepted all over the world but especially by online games lovers. Many players understand what NFTs are since this technology offers elements that traditional games do not provide.

Altura is a new platform that aims to reduce the ownership inconvenience in the game through its smart contracts. This platform is called “Smart NFTs ” and has ALU as its native token.

Compared to traditional games, Blockchain games are decentralized. Traditional games must inform a central body or company about their gambling account or game assets. However, in blockchain games, users practically have the freedom to do whatever they want, such as selling or exchanging assets from their games, informing no one. This is because the players are the owners of the assets and not the developers.

Altura gives game developers the freedom to decide with Smart NFT, and they can perform and distribute smart NFT transactions.

What are smart NFTs?

Smart NFTs are NFTs with dynamic properties that can be modified according to time, function calls, or real-world conditions. Altura provides a very dynamic and easy-to-use interface for creating smart NFTs. The platform also offers an API for developers to mint the NFTs.

NFTs are represented as BEP721 smart contracts and can survive on the Binance network.

How does the Altura token work?

ALU is a native Altura token that can be used in the digital market. Among its many advantages is that the token will belong to and be compatible with Binance, and you can buy through the platform.

The token aims to give Roblox users the flexibility to transact within the platform. Although it is uncertain which cryptocurrencies will be used for gas transaction fees, programmers will benefit from operations by receiving rewards at ALU for their reporting in the video game.

These Height boots will help several game programmers; it will also increase their interest in the token. For gamers, the main items used to unlock exclusive products are found in the loot boxes. Within the platform, one of the most attractive booties will be linked to “Oracle.”

When entering the VRF alternative option for random loot boxes, the ALU platform will guarantee transparent operations and fairness to obtain the reward.

Although the transparency in the loot is not relevant with ALU, it is highly renovating because some games prevent this option from being completed. Users will experiment with amazing games with various functions that make them stand out. Through the ALU route, several future developments are promised following its integration of non-fungible tokens in a fun way.

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