altFINS offers its users a crypto technical analysis tools platform


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• The crypto analytics platform altFINS has increased in users by 300% since its Beta version.
• New crypto investors are attracted to the analytics interface.

While the cryptocurrency market matures, big companies like altFINS try to promote it continuously. In addition, many retail companies and institutions support the cause by joining the volatile market. In 2020 alone, crypto operations increased by 53% compared to the 43% in 2019.

Sadly as the crypto market is new; barely a decade old, many companies frown upon it. Nevertheless, companies like altFINS rely on this scheme to work with unregulated virtual currencies.

For the first months of 2021, the company has launched its new cryptocurrency analysis platform. Although it started with its beta phase, today, the platform has tens of thousands of users and institutions on its list. By June, the platform increased its fame and user base by 300%. It is used in over 50 countries and has included several altcoins for analysis.

altFINS and its Beta phase


The cryptocurrency analytics platform promoted by altFINS spent the first six months of the year in its BETA phase. In this period, some improvements were added to the interface, security, digital assets, and new elements of analysis.

On the 30th of March, the BETA phase ended for altFINS, and that’s where the number of new users skyrocketed. However, not until June did the figures show how much the crypto analytics app had actually grown.

Its collection hosts five individual cryptocurrencies on various exchange systems. The app takes all the data on volume, divergence, radio, and noise to provide an accurate analysis. After the examination, the trading signals and some tips that the crypto investor can take are displayed.

Is the cryptocurrency analysis platform reliable?

Although altFINS is less than a year old, it has done enough to show it is a reliable platform. This platform collects all cryptocurrency analysis data and displays it in an understandable way for the trader. Although its mode of working might need some reorganization, for now, it looks great and helps a lot of crypto investors.

The cryptocurrency market continues to expand, and investors should take full advantage of it. Whether or not you are a novice crypto enthusiast or have experience in the field, the analytics platform will be helpful.

Among the most relevant crypto features, the platform has over 50 trading signals. In addition, the platform technically analyzes the 30 leading altcoins and automatically recognizes the charts.

The interface also has a currency analyzer in which it uses various technical indicators. Moreover, the platform is ad-free and offers a lot of information about cryptocurrency analysis and its importance.

This analysis website can be helpful for beginners in the crypto market because it simplifies the most important signals. Since trading is complicated with most platforms, the user will be more likely to earn money with this simplified means.

Carisbel Guaramato

Carisbel Guaramato

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