5 Reasons Why Cryptocurrencies Should be Taught to Students



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The world is developing towards a paperless era as it gradually moves towards a digitized economy. The most recent and highly promising technology is blockchain which helped bring onboard a fast-growing cryptocurrency world. 

Compared to paper money, cryptocurrency has proved to be more secure. The technology behind it encrypts transactional information through cryptography protocols that are hard to break due to the complexity of its codes. Due to its promising bright future, it is high time that students were taught cryptocurrencies.

It is the future trend

Cryptocurrency is a recent technology but its influence on the global economy can no longer be ignored. A lot of businesses have already embraced the technology and some are accepting crypto coin payments. Some central banks around the world are discussing possibilities of using the technology in the future.

Recently, Facebook announced it might soon launch its digital coin and this prompted some governments to start developing their own digital currency. Although cryptocurrency prices are currently too unstable, they might soon become the main means of payment. It will be the right thing to do by teaching students about technology now. 

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The sector is employing a lot of people

According to CNBC, the cryptocurrency market is a hot spot for jobs. According to its report, the Fortune 500 companies are in the frontline in hiring cryptocurrency specialists. Some of the hottest positions currently are AI engineers for crypto exchanges, accounting executives, software engineers, product managers, and staff accountants for cryptocurrency tasks. 

The demand for employees to fill these positions and many more is growing daily but there is a shortage of trained workforce for the sector. High schools and universities should quickly develop programs or subjects that specifically train students on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to prepare them to fill these positions. 

The crypto market is an excellent investment opportunity

The current education systems in the world should not only prepare students for the career market but also the investment market. Not every student will get hired to work for someone because the number of jobs created yearly is fewer compared to those seeking them. 

Those who don’t get absorbed into the employment field can create their own businesses and create more openings for employment. Others can invest in various sectors and wait to get capital gain. Cryptocurrency is a promising area the students can invest in but they need to be educated about the field and schools are the best places to earn such knowledge. 

It is a resilient technology

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies and it has proved to be one of the most resilient technologies globally. It’s a secure technology that many businesses across every field are adopting because of its security and effectiveness. 

The technology can be used in national voting systems, in the medical field to share data securely, and in IoT systems. Other areas of use are supply chain systems, security, and cross-border payment systems. Because cryptocurrencies cannot run without blockchain technology, it is important to teach both in schools. 

Cryptocurrency is evolving and its valuation is changing fast

Globally, the general population has some information about cryptocurrency, although a large number might not easily explain what it’s all about. In 2012, the price of Bitcoin was $13.45 and in 2021, the price was at around $48,765. 

There was no developed cryptocurrency exchange market in 2012 but today, the exchange is not only developed but also highly vibrant with thousands of different coins trading. It’s been barely ten years and the market has tremendously evolved. Students should be taught about the market and its valuation to prepare them to venture into it. 


According to experts, cryptocurrency is the future trend and global economies might purely work with digital currencies sooner than expected. The market is evolving fast and it is bringing thousands of new jobs to a population that is readily available to fill them. The school is the best place to teach about this new technology and prepare students to become workers, innovators, and investors in this market. 

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