3 Cryptos With Great Growth Potential

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The crypto industry has certainly seen better days. Many cryptocurrencies have lost a lot of value. Bitcoin has been trading around its lowest point for 2 years, and with the recent scandal at FTX, many crypto exchanges are also not doing well. However, amongst all this turmoil and uncertainty in the industry, some outliers have emerged and may represent the beacon of hope many have been waiting for. 

Cryptocurrencies such as Rate That Crypto (RTC) and Filecoin (FIL) are reinventing what it means to invest in crypto by introducing new platform features and protocols. For instance, RTC has a mobile-first platform that allows you to play, learn, and earn as you play the market movements and invest in its tokens. In addition, Filecoin is an open-source digital payment system predicated on cooperation and decentralisation of storage services. This piece will look at three cryptos with the most significant growth potential for 2023; keep reading to learn more. 

  1. Rate That Crypto (RTC)

Rate That Crypto is a free mobile-first play-to-earn platform that allows you to play, learn, and earn its RTC token. It allows you to predict the price movement of crypto projects on the platform in a particular period by staking points you multiply or lose depending on whether you’re right or wrong. You compete with other players on the platform to top the leaderboard with the most points gained from the correct predictions. At the end of each season, Rate That Crypto ranks the players with the most points and rewards the top 100 with RTC tokens from the prize pool.

Rate That Crypto also partners with other crypto projects displayed in the featured section so that you can make predictions for extra rewards as market forces impact their prices. Furthermore, the platform provides information about all the featured crypto projects, crypto-related news, and the factors causing volatility in the market from its analytics tools. Making it one of the most convenient and user-friendly of all up-and-coming crypto projects. 

  1. Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin is an open-source, decentralised storage network designed to store humanity’s most essential info. It’s also a blockchain-based digital payment system made by Protocol Labs, an open-source research and development lab. And other than using FIL as a digital payment system, you can also rent out storage space on their servers to store your most pertinent data. 

This has expanded the use of blockchain technology and provided a new way for crypto platforms to generate revenue. Furthermore, it helps solve significant challenges users face on traditional file storage and sharing platforms, such as centralised authorities imposing huge fees and stringent rules. 

It also allows users on the platform to benefit from leasing unused space on their hard drives, reducing waste and improving efficiency. The FIL system works by users paying miners who help them store, retrieve and verify transactions using the FIL token. 

  1. Quant (QNT)

Quant is a digital currency that operates using the Ethereum network. Currently, over 12 million QNT tokens are in circulation, and Quant has a maximum volume of 14 million tokens. The QNT network aims to connect private networks to public blockchains, allowing other blockchain-based projects to interconnect with other blockchains. It also enables the creation of mDapps protocols that let decentralised applications operate on multiple blockchains simultaneously.  

This increases the efficiency and operability of blockchain-based applications, which lowers the costs and risks involved in running them. The QNT token powers the network and facilitates services on the platform, which provides some of its intrinsic value. Unlike some past cryptocurrencies, the QNT token will always have demand as long as the platform continues to provide its networking services, which solves one of crypto’s Achilles heels. 


The three tokens listed in this article are each set to have a blockbuster year in 2023, with the uniqueness of each project positioning their tokens to exploit market conditions and grow a lot over the upcoming months.

Filecoin and Quant are available from many leading exchanges such as eToro, while our number 1 growth pick Rate That Crypto is currently in its presale stage and can be purchased at a discounted rate from the official Rate That Crypto presale page.

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