1XBET latest information – 1XBET bypass address, promotion code, bonus

This guide provides various up-to-date information that prospective users of 1XBET are curious about, including promotional codes, bonuses, and bypass addresses about 1XBET, one of the most popular sites in Korea.

1XBET Review – What kind of site is 1XBET?

company1xCorp N.V
Year of establishment2011
licenseCuraçao, Kenya, Mozambique, Spain, etc.
languageEnglish, Korean, Spanish and 32 other languages
deposit methodBank transfer, cryptocurrency, credit card and 57 other things
blocked countryUSA, Canada, Australia, Azerbaijan, Ireland

1XBET is a betting site with a global reputation, but is relatively young, having been founded in 2011.

Therefore, the history of this site itself is not that old compared to its competitors, but the 1xCorp N.V Group that leads them was a giant in the industry with enormous financial power, and by utilizing its high financial power, it has been offering huge prizes of different scale every week since the beginning of its opening. began supporting casino tournaments and some of the highest sports odds in the world.

As a result, more than 4 million members joined 1XBET in a short period of 10 years, and 1XBET ranked 3rd among the TOP 10 bookmakers selected by SBR in 2024, becoming one of the best betting companies with a global reputation.

1XBET KOREA bypass address latest information

One All online betting is illegal except for one that offers a 65% rate.

Therefore, 1XBET Korea’s access address is blocked from time to time. As the number of cases has increased significantly these days, many users are likely experiencing inconvenience.

If the existing access address is blocked, please Google or access our Cryptopolitan website to obtain the latest information on the changed 1XBET bypass address.

1XBET Promo Code Information 2024 – Claim up to 600,000 KRW worth of bonus money

One You can claim the bonus by entering ‘1×474787’ in the promo code field at the sign-up window.

How to claim OneXBet’s new welcome bonus

Surprisingly, many people find the method of claiming 1XBET’s new welcome bonus complicated, but once you know it, it is very simple. If you are a new user, remember the steps below and claim your bonus money at 1XBET.

  1. Access the 1XBET sign-up window.
  2. At the sign-up window, choose between sports bonus and casino bonus and enter the promotion code (you can decline and choose later, but there is no separate promotion input menu, so the process of having to tell the agent is difficult and cumbersome, so it is not recommended)
  3. Go to the ‘Personal Profile’ menu and complete the personal information form.
  4. Once you have completed the form, make your first deposit and then claim your desired type of welcome bonus from a 1XBET Live Chat agent.

3 1XBET site regulations you need to know

One There are hundreds of regulations, but the 1XBET regulations we need to know are as follows.

  1. Duplicate accounts are absolutely prohibited.
    1XBET strictly prohibits the use of duplicate accounts to prevent so-called ‘bonus hunters’ who abuse the new welcome bonus. As One However, the use of multiple accounts is reviewed as strictly as Article 1, Paragraph 1 of 1XBET’s Terms of Use, so it is an item that users must be careful about in advance.
  2. Not available to those under 19 years of age
    1XBET is a member of Be Gameble Aware, the global gambling addiction treatment association, and in accordance with its licensing principles, does not accept underage members. Therefore, if you lie about your age and use One
  3. Account transfer and withdrawal under another name are not possible.
    Since this regulation is strictly reviewed by Private Toto, we will not provide additional explanation. Withdrawals cannot be made to a depositor different from the KYC-certified name, but withdrawals from a registered bank to another bank are possible after sending a copy via email if the depositor is the same. If you have changed your name, please send an email to [email protected] to explain the situation and receive guidance.

OneXBet identity verification (KYC) authentication related

1XBET implements KYC verification to protect existing customers and verify one account per person. Therefore, we require a passport or resident registration card when making the first deposit.

However, if you are a new customer of this site, you will naturally wonder, “What is this in a country where online betting is illegal?” “You might be thinking,

To make an excuse, OneXBet is not doing this because it wants to verify its identity. Since online betting is illegal in the Korean market, bank account blackmailers are rampant and accounts are tied up, so the site only provides deposit accounts to customers who have completed identity verification. This is because currency exchange scammers do not threaten people by verifying their identity.

At first, overseas betting sites such as 1XBET and WEGO88 were the first to introduce KYC authentication, which verifies identity with a passport or ID card, but major private Toto also introduced it, unable to overcome the Tonghyup, and now KYC authentication has become a part of Korea’s online Toto. It has become a culture.

Funny stories about 1XBET

There is a site called ‘Pinnacle Sports’. However, from this site’s perspective, OneXBet is like an enemy.

In 2010, Pinnacle enjoyed its second heyday by supporting the world’s highest dividend of 97.6% in order to increase its stocks listed on the Dutch Stock Exchange, but their expectations were dashed with the advent of OneXBet in 2011. I ended up returning to a vain dream.

Pinnacle was in the public spotlight with its title of world number one, so when 1XBET, which had higher dividends than its own, appeared, the attention of the media and users naturally shifted to 1XBET, and as a result, the stock price, which had been raised with great difficulty, plummeted again. Pinnacle is said to have suffered astronomical damages.

From the rumors I heard, I knew that one of the reasons Pinnacle Sports entered the Korean market this time was that their awareness and brand value in Korea was very high because of their two-way betting, but as their nemesis 1XBET was doing well in the Korean market, they were doing too well. There is a rumor that they advanced to keep Beal in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers from 1XBET new users on the site.

  1. Does 1XBET allow two-way betting?
    Yes, OneXBet allows two-way betting. Therefore, these days, two-way bettors in Korea are said to be doing a lot of two-way betting with a combination of 1XBET VS private Toto and 1XBET VS overseas sites.
  2. There was a scam issue. Is this true?
    That’s not true. 1XBET is a global betting company with annual sales of over 6 trillion won. The word ‘scam site’ is a word that originated from the culture of abuse of power in private Toto, and there are too many vicious scam verification sites that try to grow their own communities by citing this as OneXBet. Always beware of their lies.
  3. How long does the average deposit and withdrawal time take?
    Account transfers are processed within 5 minutes, and withdrawals are processed within a maximum of 30 minutes. In the case of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Tether, we cannot give a definitive answer because each coin has a different network, but One .
  4. What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts?
    1XBET’s minimum withdrawal amount varies depending on the withdrawal method supported, but for ‘account transfer’, which is the most popular among Korean users, the minimum deposit amount is 10,000 won and the maximum withdrawal amount is 5 million won per time. In the case of withdrawals, the daily limit is not 5 million won, but a one-time limit, so you can continue to withdraw 5 million won.

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