Bitcoin price analysis: drop to $3800 seems likely

Bitcoin crossed the feared four thousand dollars ( $4,000 level) level and has been trading below that for some time now. Crypto enthusiasts are still hoping that Bitcoin will be saved and the market momentum will increase.

So to say that people are still optimistic about Bitcoin would be correct. However, The Crypto Twitter users are not so hopeful about Bitcoin and have been making some negative prediction regarding Bitcoin

If we look at the four-hour Bitcoin price chart, the results seem to be giving a very negative outcome. According to the chart, the volatility of Bitcoin is increasing, and this is why the trade volume has been gradually going down. However, something good is also coming out with this sad outcome.

Right now Bitcoin is trading at around three thousand eight hundred and sixty dollars to three thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars ($3,860-80). This gives investors a perfect chance to invest in crypto and then wait for the prices to increase.

Many crypto analysts are saying that Bitcoin is going fall far below the three thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars level ($3,800). This only means that this month is a very rough month for Bitcoin’s trading volumes. But many are seeing this a positive sign and think that this is the perfect opportunity to get their hands on Bitcoin while it is still affordable.